Keefers Creative: Blog en-us (C) Keefers Creative (Keefers Creative) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:34:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:34:00 GMT Keefers Creative: Blog 120 120 {Fine Art} Sparkler Study So I have not mastered photography by ANY means, but as a full time educator, I always like to challenge myself and learn more. These photos can be thought of as "sketches" or "studies," meaning that I was practicing and having fun. What is more fun than having some champagne with friends and then taking photos at 1am? Well I enlisted Cassie (she's my resident model!) and Jimi for these shots and I think they're pretty fun!

We made these by shooting at night using a long exposure in the camera. The light is from sparklers (well, Roman Candles, really) and the effects are both eerie and awesome! What do you think?! 


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{Family} Kana, Dennis, & Baby Shiori These guys are so special in my heart because they're family! Dennis and Kana are my brother and sister-in-law (respectively) and Shiori is my cute little niece. I am so happy to have been able to capture them through photos. Although they apparently didn't know that they would be included in the pictures, I still think they look marvelous. We took a walk through the Arnold Arboreteum in Jamaica Plain and (no thanks to those pesky bugs) we had a great time and captured some beautiful moments. 


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{Baby} Andrew I love this guy! Andrew was legitimately the perfect baby. I can't even tell you how well behaved he was! His mom was so proud of him! He just followed the camera thinking, "Yes, I'm amazing. I know it!" And everyone agreed! 

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{Engagement} Julia & Jason Julia and Jason were engaged after a short time but meeting them, you could just see that they belong together. I didn't know these two until I met them on the day of the engagement session but I fell in LOVE with them! They are so fun. I could totally see them just having a blast together. Julia is totally like me - super organized! She is a wedding planner superstar. I am really looking forward to shooting their wedding this summer!

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{Wedding} Erin & Joe Erin & Joe are the SWEETEST couple ever. And little Joe is just the cutest. They are such an amazing family. Erin is Emily's sister, who was my first wedding, so this family is also close to my heart. This was my first winter wedding and it was so beautiful. I love small intimate weddings. I got so teary eyed at this one. You guys are fantastic!

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{Wedding} Anna & Patrick Anna & Patrick were married in October - which is my FAVORITE month. The weather was awesome, the colors were so vibrant, and everything went off without a hitch. I couldn't stop smiling all day. Check out these photos. They speak for themselves. I was so happy to photograph you both :)

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{Engagement} Anna & Patrick Anna and Patrick are getting married next weekend and we did some test shots for their wedding. I certainly felt the newfound Autumn chill! But it was a blast. The weather and lighting were magical and I always adore the fall so anything outside in October is just so special. Can't wait to photograph you both next weekend! Patrick told me this story about how they first met and this is their interaction. Then I found out he completely changed it up! Love these two.
The lighting was amazing and we were so lucky to have this great tree here. This one below is my absolute favorite. Look at these great colors.

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{Weddings} Meghan & Devin's Sunny Golf Course Wedding Meghan and Devin's day could not have been more perfect - the weather, the colors, the company. They had such a blast. And both of them just radiated throughout the entire day. Wow. 


I love their porch especially since it was so simple to hang that gorgeous dress on. I love these hangers too!

I love the color of her shoes. And she's sensible! 

I love the pinks and oranges (and even turquoise)!

First looks are just so amazing; they make the day so much fun. These two were so cute when they first saw each other. Gorgeous wedding party! 

These wildflowers are so beautiful. I especially love the fiddleheads.

Look at this lighting! And those rolling hills. Love this shot :) Chris from CC Photo took this shot. Love it! Check out his site here.

The band was amazing! And so nice. They sang every song with power and soul. Loved them. He put a camera on his chest and videotaped some of the reception. Ingenious! 

Their guests were a blast.  Thanks so much Meghan and Devin! I had a blast with you both on your special day! 

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{Seniors} Steph's Senior Photographs Steph's senior pictures came out great! It was a beautiful day and it was the first time that I had been to the Borderland State Park. It was stunning.

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{Musician} Data Child's New Groove I photographed Chrissy, aka Data Child, for a small designed photograph. Data Child and I go way back. We knew each other at about 13 or 14 when we were in theater camp together. Oh lord that's all I will say about that. She was a natural in front of the camera and she has such great skin! Stunning Chrissy; it was so great to photograph you!

A little about Data Child:

Data Child, otherwise known as Chrissy Tignor, is a producer, songwriter, vocalist and engineer currently working in Boston, MA after nearly four years of work in London, UK. Check out her site

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{Wedding} Becca & Dan's Country Wedding Becca & Dan were married on the most perfect day. I feel like this summer has just been perfect to get married; great weather and beautiful temps! We started out in Salem to get ready and then moved onto the church (which was beautiful) and finally ended up at Appleton Farms in Ipswich. I had never been to Appleton before this wedding and WOW! It's a gem. Becca grew up in Ipswich and was well aware of Appleton and luckily this is their first year for weddings! Becca & Dan were only the second couple! 

Someone has to Pinterest this wedding because I feel like people will LOVE these ideas. I never knew Becca was so artistic! She's going to give me a run for my money ;)


She had three pairs of shoes, just to make sure she had the perfect pair. A girl after my own heart!

Love love love the hemp! I recently saw the hemp idea online and Becca & Dan did it right! These girls were the best! I totally want to hang out with them.

Her maid of honor needs to start a business to train maid of honors.  We're married!  I love this. They're so sweet and the lighting in the limo was perfect. I snuck along the ride to grab some shots. These guys are all a blast! You can just tell they like to have fun! Absolutely stunning girls. They wanted to grab a look at their phones and I thought it was great. Never before have I seen cuter flower girls. I saw them all drinking shirley temples so I grabbed them for a shot. Such a sweet, intimate moment. We do! This is pretty amazing. I love when guest just let loose!  Becca's uncle had this awesome vintage car and they all jumped in for a ride. So cute. At one moment, I said, "where are my other photographers." Well they texted me and said "we're at a cow crossing." A legit cow crossing. Love these guys! Maggie grabbed this shot. A spin is always one of my favorites. Maggie also grabbed this one. I love how sweet and delicate this is. The backdrops here were so ethereal.  Love the boots and Dan's socks.  They couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. It's all in the details and they worked them perfectly. I wanna dance with somebody! Single ladies rejoice! And of course the 8 year old got the bouquet!

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special day! I had a blast at the wedding!


{Vendor Listings}

{Wedding Dress} David's Bridal
{Groom's Attire} Men's Warehouse
{Bridesmaid Dresses} JCrew
{Invitations} Wedding Paper Divas
{Hair} Radiance Salon
{Makeup} Jannicke Welde
{Caterer} Vinwood
{DJ} 2 Clapps DJ
{Flowers} Lyndsey Loring Flower Design
{Reception Location} Appleton Farms, Ipswich, MA


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{Family} The Connelly's These guys are like perfection! What a great family. They're all so sweet and nice and the day was absolutely perfect. Heat? What heat?  These two are just so cute.

I love how kids can get in the sand and just love it! He loved the water and the waves chasing him. Thanks guys! I had a blast photographing you! Happy summer.

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{Wedding} Emily & Brennan's Cape Cod Wedding Emily & Brennan are so special to me! They were my first professional wedding! I was so happy to photograph for these two. They are picture perfect and the sweetest couple too. I had a BLAST at their wedding. I always say that you can measure a person by how awesome their friends are and their friends were pretty amazing. I met such wonderful people at the wedding which really made the atmosphere so warm. My only regret is that I didn't get out there with my dance moves ;) I'm so happy to share these photos with all of you. 

Emily had such great details everywhere. I loved her peony bouquet. So beautiful. And I love when brides get the personalized hanger.

For Emily's "something blue," she had her bridesmaids sign the bottom of her shoe. What an amazing idea!
I love Mom's reaction here. Emily sort of caught her by surprise and she just melted. Emily and her sister looking so happy!
I love this embrace :) I'm a sucker for dogs and from what I've heard, Riley is pretty cool. Jimi grabbed these two shots. Katie grabbed this shot below. Love the candids. These three images are like a little storybook. I love the narrative it shows. So cute! I just had to put this up. The maid of honor looking HEAVENLY at the ceremony. The lighting here is awesome. Yay for the happy couple!!! What awesome guys!
Any better looking wedding party?  I love the addition of the scarves! Busy bustling! Suave! Again, with the great details. The venue was pretty amazing.  Dad gave a great speech. Emily has the best laugh. And she does it often! Her sister's speech was so wonderful. Brennan's best man and brother gave one of the best speeches by a best man I've heard. It made us laugh, cry. And laugh some more.
The dance made everyone smile. They were picture perfect. Love these interactions between Emily and her dad.  Brennan's mom was absolutely the sweetest and their dance echoed that. Love these two! Models! Martha Stewart Weddings! This party crew had the best time dancing. And it's so evident in the images.  The venue was great! Storms threatened but never came. Fortunately the clouds created this awesome look.  These guys are ready for their future together.  Thanks so much for an awesome day! I am honored to have been a part of it! 


{Vendor Listings}

{Wedding Dress} Madeleine's Daughter
{Groom's Attire} Brook's Brothers
{Bridesmaid Dresses} JCrew
{Invitations} Avery & Co
{Hair & Makeup} Lisa George
{DJ} DJ Gary Titus
{Flowers} Meredith Fancy
{Reception Location} Ocean House, Dennisport, MA


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{Band} The American Blues The American Blues are a newly formed country/folk band based in the Boston area. I absolutely love modern folk music so of course I wanted to photograph this awesome band. They were actually my first band too. I had a lot of photos where one person was blinking but everyone else looked perfect! That's why I had about 3,000 images of the band. Consisting of The Keeping and singer Bevin Vigneau, the band has now become invincible. Hah well not really but they're really great. I'm sure we'll all be hearing them on the radio soon. And hopefully on youtube too because they're insanely beautiful. 

Look at this photo...they coordinated perfectly and make for such a fun group.

I asked them to get in this great tree and they jumped right in!

Love this group! From top left (CW) Jared, Bevin, Jon, Tom, Bobby, and Jessie. Their names even complement one another!

I had to include this pic of Bevin. Her eyes are absolutely stunning. And she is a total redhead.

I really love this photo. I think it might be my favorite. These guys really looked like they always have a blast together. I've seen them live and that comes off to the audience too. 

Seriously? They were awesome models! 

And the American Blues in black and white. Love all of their facial expressions here.

Check them out on Facebook and Youtube. I highly suggest you listen to the preview of their song "Rearview." It's soo good. They remind me of a mixture of Daughtry and Lady Antebellum. Good luck guys! Can't wait to get the album! 

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{Engagement} Becca & Dan's Salem Engagement Session You have to check out these photos of Becca and Dan. These two were naturals in front of the camera. We took a walk in Salem and had no problems finding awesome locations. That city is just so rich with great architecture and backdrops. 


Becca and Dan asked if their dog Hannah could be in some shots. I obviously love all things dogs and she was such a camera hog ;)



I saw this idea on Pinterest and bought the ampersand for this shoot. It's a fun prop and I want to use more props in the future!


This one is one of my favorites. It was near the end of the shoot and they became much more comfortable with the camera. This was the moment right before the kiss :) 


Jimi took this one and I love Becca's smile here.

Congrats Becca and Dan! I can't wait to photograph your wedding this Saturday!

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{Fine Art} New Work!


Check out some new fine art work done by moi this year. Lord knows when I had the time to do it but it's done! These are cyanotypes stretched on canvas. Some are painted with acrylic. Take a peak and let me know what you think! ;)

As always, you can contact me through my website or drop me an email at [email protected]. During Open Studios, some people mentioned that these might be something that they would like of themselves....hmmmm....ideas brewing? If you'd want one with your wedding package shout it out!

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{Musings} And That's My New Philosophy! If you don't know me very well then you don't know that I'm a bit of a drama queen. Yes literally. I was voted most dramatic in high school and I love musicals. Well, Kristen Chenoweth once played Sally from the original cast of the Charlie Brown musical and she sang this hilarious number called "My New Philosophy." If you have a moment, PLEASE check it out (or at least listen to it). 

The entire point of this blog post is to tell you all of my new philosophy embodied by this picture. GROW! I have been walking by this awesome graphic (did I mention that I used to be a graphic designer?) near my house and it is so stunning. The text is made with some sort of dirt or dirt substitute. I had to snap a shot. It's so beautiful. Well it seems so cliché but this awesome graphic really has made me think. Grow dammnit! It makes sense. As a twenty-something (careful...) working for a few years now, I notice that my life is growing and so should my art. I'm really trying to put myself out there and grow artistically. I'm going to take more chances and just go for it. I'm not much with words but you get the gist! And that's my new philosophy ;)


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{Fine Art} Getting Ready for Somerville Open Studios Next weekend is Somerville Open Studios! I hope you you can make it out! It's Saturday and Sunday, May 5+6 from noon-6 at my studio, 110 Liberty Ave, Somerville. Here are some shots of me getting ready for next weekend. There is also another preview of the cyanotype work I have been doing. 

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{Portraits} Cassie Cassie is a good friend of mine. We met in first grade. I remember reading the phonics book "Superkids" and being sooo happy because one of the character's names was "Cass." "I have a friend named Cass." Which then prompted my first grade friend to correct me, "It's not Cass, it's Cassie!" God I love that girl. We've been friends since. And she's drop dead gorgeous and an amazing model. She did some boudoir for a friend a few years ago and she just wowed me. Check out those shots here. Caroline Juliana is a Florida photographer. You should follow her on Facebook too! Anyway, here is the always gorgeous Cassie!


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{Fine Art} Cyanotypes Cyanotype Process

This year I am participating in Somerville Open Studios. I am extremely excited for this awesome opportunity yet extremely terrified! I know it will be fun but I've never really put myself out there as an artist. But thanks to my good photographer friend, Lexi, I am following in her "why not" attitude and living life to the fullest and taking chances. Just like Celine Dion said ;)

Anyway, this photo shows some of my current work, cyanotypes stretched on canvas. The process is pretty cool. I start with a digital image, which I make into a negative in Photoshop. From there I print it out on acetate to make almost a large-format negative. Then I paint the cyanotype solution on canvas and let the sun develop it. Then it just washes out. But be sure NOT to get it all over the bathtub. Oooops!

So if you're interested in seeing more of my work (there will be drawings, paintings, and of course, photographs), then come to Somerville Open Studios and support local artists. May 5+6 from noon-6. 

Check out my artist profile on the Somerville Open Studios site.

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{Fine Art} Just Having Some Photography Fun I love that photography can be at all of our fingertips. I don't go anywhere without my phone and thank God my iPhone has a 5 megapixel camera. I'm continually amazed at the quality of my phone's camera. My first digital camera had a 3 megapixel sensor! I got it senior year in high school and it was about $200. Man I'm old! Anyway these are just some photos that I've taken over the travels of my life. I love to share my life in photos and this is what I've seen. I hope to see more awesome things. Oh and fabulous things too. Click here to see more

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{Engagements} Emily & Brennan Emily and Brennan

Emily and Brennan are the sweetest people in the world! I love them both and cannot wait to photograph their wedding. Emily and I used to work together at BHS and I miss her terribly. These two lovebirds met at Holy Cross during college and have been in love ever since. So it made sense to take their engagement photos at Holy Cross. The campus was so beautiful and this couple really made it amazing. They were both nervous to have their pictures taken, but after a few minutes, I had them laughing and smiling. They are getting married this June at St. Pious Church with their reception at Ocean House. With their extremely creative style, it will be a wedding not to miss!

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{Babies} Jackson Jackson   Jackson is going to be a heartbreaker. I know it. He was a ham for the camera. His eyes were just following the lens like "hey I'm cute, you better get this." I wish all babies were this happy in front of the camera. Babies are so fun! They're so much easier to photograph than newborns because they don't just sit there. And their faces are priceless. Someday I need to get a photoshoot of his parents...boy are they gorgeous too. Wooo I'm surrounded by awesome people. 

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{Save the Dates} Holly & John

Holly is a good friend of mine and an awesome person. And she's marrying a great guy. They came to me not really knowing what they wanted to do for their Save the Date. We talked (over lots of wine) for a while and after telling me they wanted a "cartoon strip" we talked about something like this. Well I hope you guys like this because you both look fabulous! I especially love that Holly is holding a glass of champagne. Cheers girl!

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