Keith March Mistler is a Boston based multimedia artist, designer, and developer. His fine art includes developing alternative photographic prints using digital negatives. He has been experimenting with juxtaposing mixed media techniques with cyanotypes printed on canvas. Fantasies and fairy tales inspire his artwork, but he is also strongly inspired by current issues. He studies fantasies and how they relate to contemporary social issues such as sexual orientation, gender inequality, religion, and pain. His experiences as a young man growing into an adult have molded his artwork; the discovery of fantasies transforming into disappointment has informed his imagery.

Keith is an impassioned artist and designer. He has taught all ages (5-80) with over a decade of teaching in public schools. He has also taught both undergraduate and graduate courses, and is currently teaching at the School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. He studied at Boston University and has taken courses at MassArt + Design. He is influenced by impressionist painters such as Vincent Van Gogh and classical painters like Caravaggio. He takes a page out of the world of portrait and fashion photography, looking to Richard Avedon and Cindy Sherman for motivation.